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An expert

Yes we are. We are WedaCon. Your experts for a wide range of IAM solutions from development to implementation.

13.02.2015 - 'do good and talk about it'-series, volume 3
Since 2001, WedaCon Informationstechnologien GmbH is helping its customers to reach their goals regarding everything related to identity and access management (and access governance, to be complete). In this series, we would like to give you as the valued reader a quick overview on what we have achieved. Other just call it 'Success Stories'. Today we will talk about...


Knowledge Transfer


Information Technology is a complex topic. Life itself is another complex topic. And living and breathing for Information Technology is even more complex. To survive in today's multiplexed world, you need a good and solid understanding of the processes, opportunities and pitfalls surrounding you not only in the IT-Sector, but also when dealing with the 'soft' facts and skill (some call it OSI-Modell Layer 8).


True, the word 'Design' does'nt fit here. But we decided to have the same headline on all volumes in our series, so lets stick with it!

When we started our business, one of our main business area was 'Training'. Nearly all of our staff were either 'Microsoft Certified Trainer' or 'Novell Certified Instructor', plus some other certifications in Project Management and Data Security to instruct others in the usage of decent technologies. Some had both of the top Instructor Certifications available those days. So we know how to transport knowledge, its even in our name: 'Weda' is sanskritand simply means 'Knowledge'.


We see Knowledge Transfer and Build-Up is a crucial element in any project and throughout any project. This is not only true for technology aspects, but also in terms of process and project management. And because we usually do not know all the already available processes and technology in our customers environment, this transfer happens in both directions.

Our expertise on how to adopt, prepare and transfer information is maybe one of our greatest and most important skills!


Here are a few of the techniques we use

  • Classical Project- Management

  • ScrumBan (we have our own lean mix of Scrum and Kanban)

  • 4-eyes-principles on new functions and

  • Moving Teammembers (let Managers do support, Supporters do Development and so on. Let them see what the others need)



Like what your just read? Need more information and references, where we have successfully applied our ideas?



Feel free to contact us via dganulltai@wedacon.net